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Environmental Ethos


We believe memories
should last a lifetime, not the
impact of our weddings.

All of Wedbury Creative eco-friendly designs are 100% recyclable, using carefully selected FSC certified / recycled papers.
All of our invitations are printed in-house at our studio just outside of Bath, Somerset, of which the empty ink cartridges are returned and recycled by the manufacturer. You can find the details to the specific papers within The Collection details. We are so proud to say that Wedbury Creative is Carbon positive, with a donation made every month to 
Ecologi to offset our impact.

Eco wedding invitation elegant calligraphy type on recycled card and kraft envelope

Working green

Every aspect of the production of our stationery has been considered; from the paper selected, recycling paper offcuts, to returning empty ink cartridges to the supplier for recycling.

Postage & Packaging

You will receive your order carefully packaged within its plastic free packaging and paper tape all of which you can recycle. All orders are dispatched by our preferred courier DPD who are ‘aiming to be the greenest delivery company on the planet’, committed to 100% carbon neutral deliveries. DPD are the largest all-electric delivery fleet in the UK, with over 700 electric vehicles operating throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Offsetting our impact

We are proud to say that Wedbury Creative is Carbon positive, with a donation made every month to Ecologi to offset our impact, planting trees in our name and funding climate projects.

When it comes to paper communications, recycled paper is the greenest option, it uses less energy, water, and produces lower carbon emissions than the manufacturing of non-recycled paper and at the same time reduces the amount of waste to landfill – as paper can be recycled 4 to 5 times. With advances in technology and processes, recycled paper is now as white and has the same print performance as non-recycled paper.

– Burying waste paper as landfill releases methane gas, which is 23 times higher and more harmful to the environment than CO2.

– On average, the production of virgin fibre paper, followed by incineration uses twice as much energy than it takes to produce recycled paper.

– Recycling reduces CO2 emissions by 20% in comparison with incinerating the paper.

– Paper fibres can be recycled 4 to 5 times.

– The process of creating recycled paper uses 31% less energy* than the creation of virgin fibre paper.

– Producing a tonne of recycled paper takes 35,000 fewer litres of water* than producing one tonne of virgin fibre paper.

– It takes 1.2 tonnes of recycled fibres to produce 1 tonne of Cocoon recycled paper, but it would take 2.5 tonnes of wood to make 1 tonne of virgin fibre paper.*

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests system. The FSC system provides an assurance that products such as wood and paper have been harvested in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

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